Fire Hydrant Vandalism Worries Aquatera, Grande Prairie Fire Department

Aquatera Utilities Inc. / City of Grande Prairie Fire Department

Grande Prairie, AB – A number of city fire hydrants throughout Grande Prairie have been vandalized over the summer and this could potentially be life-threatening for Grande Prairie residents.

Over the past month someone has been removing the caps from hydrants and tossing them. The Grande Prairie Fire Department is unable to use fire hydrants without the caps as it poses a hazard to their equipment. While an inoperable fire hydrant is a concern, so are fire hydrant caps laying on the road. Recently, a citizen drove over one of the removed caps and received major tire damage to their vehicle.

Aquatera is asking the public to please contact them at 780.882.7800 if anyone notices a fire hydrant missing a cap, or if they see an unauthorized person tampering with a fire hydrant.


“We ask Grande Prairie residents to help us take care of their fire hydrants. If you take care of the fire hydrants, when and if the time comes, those hydrants will take care of you.” - Bart Johnson – Platoon Chief Grande Prairie Fire Department

“Tampering with fire hydrants can seriously impact when they are needed by firefighters. Tampering also requires us to complete further maintenance, a cost which is passed along to customers.” – Lloyd Piehl, Communications Coordinator, Aquatera




Aquatera Utilities Inc. is the regional provider of water, wastewater, and solid waste services, and is a model of regional cooperation.  Shareholders are the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie and the Town of Sexsmith.  Since 2003, Aquatera Utilities Inc. returned $28 million to the City, County and Town through cash dividends and franchise fees.