Part 2 - First Municipal Styrofoam Recycling Program in North America at Aquatera’s Eco Centre


This is the second in a series of five media releases about waste reduction over the next week.


5 in 5: Part 2 – First municipal Styrofoam recycling program in North America underway at Aquatera’s Eco Centre


Grande Prairie, AB – There is a hot squeeze going on at Aquatera’s Eco Centre as Styrofoam is now accepted and condensed at the drop off location. The new program is the first municipal recycling program in North America using a thermal (EPS) condenser.


Styrofoam is very common, and is used in packing products in boxes as well as for holding food. Foam of other types can often be confused with Styrofoam, which is the only foam that will snap apart when twisted.


Aquatera’s program accepts Styrofoam food containers as well as packing materials, so long as any other material is removed. Even a small piece of plastic can jam the condensing machine, so all tape, paper, plastic and metal must be removed.


Aquatera’s condenser will reduce the size of Styrofoam to remove nearly all air. The plastic output – referred to as an ingot - will eventually be shipped to Japan for re-processing into new plastic materials such as covers and cases for most electronics.


Since late August, Aquatera has recycled the equivalent of two school buses full of Styrofoam, which has been condensed to the size of a refrigerator.



·         “Styrofoam can only be dropped off at the Eco Centre. We do not collect it at your curb.”

·         “It is very important that customers take the time to remove all plastic, metal or paper from their Styrofoam as even smallest piece can jam the condenser.”

·         “We are very excited to be the first municipal program in North America to recycle Styrofoam by condensing at a 50 to 1 ratio.”

o   Amy Horne, Recycling Manager








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